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Record Player with Built-In Speaker: Vintage Feel + Modern Technology

In a world full of smartphones and digital music systems, a vintage record player has its separate fan base. For those who prefer the hands-on appeal of a vinyl player, Vertical Grooves offers a vertical turntable that plays records vertically. It features the appearance of a traditional record player, but is also equipped with modern technology.

Why Floating Record

It is a high-performance turntable by Vertical Grooves that has more features than other all-in-one turntables. Built in Chicago, the vinyl record player comes with built-in phono pre-Amp and AT95E Diamond-Tip Cartridge, which costs around $40. For an exceptional music experience, the vintage record player features inbuilt speakers with 2" Neodymium full-range. Apart from that, wood veneer and MDF set it apart from other all-in-one turntables on the market.

Get Your Record Player with Built-In Speakers

Floating Record fulfills your dream of having a vintage record player while providing you with an exceptional music experience. Buy the best vinyl player and receive an eye-catching, vintage record player with advanced features. Get ready to spin vinyl right out of the box. If you wish to know more about Floating Record with built-in speakers, feel free to contact us!
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