Welcome to the last installment of Behind the Bar! I'm Pavan, CEO and co-founder of Gramovox. Inspired by a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I’ve decided to close out our Mixology Month staff cocktail series with a remixed Moscow Mule recipe.



The Dominican Republic is known worldwide for its smooth rums, which are distinct due to the tradition of distillation in American white oak kegs.



Using a bottle of Dominican rum I purchased in Punta Cana, I’ve replaced vodka in the standard recipe with spiced rum for a bold, peppery taste that helps usher in an early summer mood.



Made from a blend of dark Caribbean rums aged in both American and French oak barrels, de Pirathas is packed with herbs and spices that create a unique aroma. When combined with lime and ginger beer, the result is a complex, fruity flavor with notes of vanilla, molasses, and oak and with a creamy, floral aftertaste.





1½ ounces of rum

Cold ginger beer

Dash of Angostura bitters

2 lime wedges


Pour the rum into a copper mug (or other cocktail glass of your choice). Squeeze the juice from one of the lime wedges into the drink, then add a dash of bitters. Fill the mug close to the rim with ginger beer, and garnish with a lime wedge.



Pair this drink with a hit from Dominican merengue superstar Juan Luis Guerra and enjoy the Caribbean vibes.